Interior Painting Step By Step


Article Written By: Fidelity Home Management

When you feel it is time to give your home a makeover, a new coat of painting is often the most cost effective solution. However, painting rooms can be rather difficult, unless you are well organized or have some experience.

You can hire the services of a firm specialized in indoor house painting in Bucks County, or you can have a go at it yourself; just follow the steps below.


First the ceiling, then the walls

First, clean the ceiling and walls of dust and dirt until you are left with a smooth working surface. Next, where the wall meets the ceiling, apply three inches of coating; this is called “cutting in”, and you must alternate it with the actual painting of the ceiling. You can do this by applying coating in sections and not along the entire ceiling edge at once.

As far as painting proper goes, begin with the corner of the room, right next to the 3-inch strip of coating you applied before, and make sure to blend the two lines together; wait for the ceiling to dry.

Then, it is time to paint the walls, one at a time. Cut in again with a trim brush along the line separating walls from ceiling. Take a roller and start painting the wall proper, making sure to leave a couple of inches around doors and windows. You can even try dividing the wall into sections to paint one by one. When the wall is dry, you can move on to painting the door and window frames from the previous step.